Build It Bigger (I must be dense)

I love all of the interest in the current rack of 160 Mac  Minis, but yesterday I spoke to the shelving vendor and we are going to begin working on a solution to fit 6 mini’s per 1U of space, resulting in a rack with 240 Mac Minis in it.  I can’t wait to start working on that in January.  People thought I was crazy building this???  Wait till they see the next one 🙂


6 thoughts on “Build It Bigger (I must be dense)

  1. Sasha

    Hi Steve, I’m quite interested in rebuilding this in our datacenter in Berlin (Germany). Could you get in touch with me by mail (see below)? Thanks, Sasha

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  3. rogge heflin

    Can you position the Minis vertically? This will take 5U of space.. this gives 8 shelves. Assuming a 23″ rack:
    16 placed like books bottom to bottom / top to top to create separate hot and cool air flow channels per shelf. Repeat this on the back of the rack for 32 total per shelf resulting in 256 mac minis. Add liquid cooled radiators between the tops of the macs to remove the heat.

    Is is possible to use Mac Pro with Tesla cards?

  4. Kaio Guanais

    Congratulations Steve for his incredible cluster. But I do wonder what is the purpose of it. Another interesting thing would be if you explain how to set up this cluster, so that lay people can build it on a smaller scale.

  5. Kenny Roody

    I am really interested in seeing the outcome of this project. I have so many questions I would love to ask. The rack’s actual potential [O(m^2)]? The benefit of the form factor over other choices. Looking forward to talking to you in the future, and your updates.

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