Oh No

Now that Apple has eliminated the XServe, and I can no longer find them in the marketplace I need to come up with a way to get the same or better CPU core density into a standard 2′ by 2′ datacenter rack. (A Datacenter Rack is a cabinet that has 44 spaces, or horizontal units inside, each unit is referred to as a “U”. Computer manufacturers measure the height of their servers in “U”, so some servers are 1 “U” like the XServe). In the past this would have been easy, I would call Apple and order 40 top of the line multi-core XServe’s and simply build the rack with 40 servers, each with 2 quad core processors, but now Apple is calling the Mac Mini it’s new server. This poses some issues for me.

1. The Mac Mini is not a server grade hardware package

2. It only has a single power supply

3. No IPMI (Out of Band Remote Management)

But, It’s the only option, and we need Macintosh processing BAD!!!

4 thoughts on “Oh No

  1. aykut

    Hum, what’s the difference btw a simple UNIX/Linux server and a “macintosh” machine (appart from the price 😉 )

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